Our Mission

We are a Munich based startup aimed to revolutionize digital music production. Our goal is to combine all aspects of modern music production into one easy to use platform, therefore creating the perfect virtual surrounding for artists to maximize their creative output. To achieve this feat efficiently, we are continuously developing our platform step by step while having the interests of the music production community in mind. 

Our Story

Music producers are mostly alone in their studio, fiddling around with small details. The socialising part is rare. 

Raphael and Tobias, the two founders of Orbit Audio, enjoyed making music together, but because Tobias moved to Austria those occasions got very rare. 

We found, that there is no good solution for collaborating with a distance.

So we create the solution for us, and for you!

We want to help music producers as solo Entrepreneurs to concentrate more on the part that matters, your music.

To achieve this Vision we will constantly develop services in strong revision with the community.


We develop, what you want.

You have the chance to shape the future of music production with us!

OUR Vision