Upgrade your virtual Studio

Get the new studio experience with our project management software for musical creators.

Start your music production career on a structured fundament

Over time projects pile up and it is getting harder to find specific songs. Someone wants to hear a cool tune from you and you start searching in your file system. We at Orbit Audio have been there and found a solution to that.

With our free-to-use software tool, you can start your music production career on a structured basis, measure your time investments and track your achievements!

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Lightweight but powerful

Clean and smart design enhances your music production experience at a moments notice.

Organize your Workflow

Orbit let's you view and structure projects outside the DAW. 

Organize your Projects

Orbit provides you with an easy to use and clean looking Overwiev.

Filter and Find...

... all of your projects. Fully customizable to your liking.


We are Orbit Audio

We are a Munich based startup aimed to revolutionize digital music production. Our goal is to combine all aspects of modern music production into one easy to use platform, therefore creating the perfect virtual surrounding for artists to maximize their creative output. To achieve this feat efficiently, we are continuously developing our platform step by step while having the interests of the music production community in mind.

Are you ready For a new experience?